The form can be in a debug state for developers. 

  1. Two Debug states
    1. By default, the debug is false
    2. When switched on, it's on
  2. Switching the debug state on/off
    1. Either because it has "debug=true" in the url
    2. Or using a ctrl+alt+shift click on the header bar of the dialog
  3. Showing the debug state
    1. Once in debug state, the form look changes: the header bar background turns orange (or something similar, not defined yet, doesn't have to look great ATM)
    2. In debug state the bottom of the form (after the cards) will have more buttons
      1. we'll define what exactly in future.
      2. Override mode (probably in 2sxc 10.1)
        If the user is a superuser (url-param user[candesign]=true) a button (doesn't have to look good) appears with a gears-icon. When clicked, hidden fields will become visible and disabled fields will become editable