The public forms feature allows non-admins to edit data using 2sxc forms. It can be used to generate new data (like job postings, applications for something, etc.) or to provide certain users access to "their own" data. 

When testing it, we want to be sure that when the feature is not enabled, it can't be used, and that when it is enabled, that it can only be used as expected. 

Testing environment: http://2sexycontent.2dm.2sic/feat-public-forms

it should contain an app of

Forms Feature Disabled

  1. Just loading the page should fail with a message like "Error: ToSic.Eav.Configuration.FeaturesDisabledException: public forms not available - Features not enabled"

Only Forms Feature Enabled

  1. Verify that cshtmls which ask for the feature to be enabled, don't return an error
  2. Verify that not-logged-in user sees the output, and can open the edit dialog, but sees network XHR errors when the system tries to lookup files

Forms & Adam-Upload Enabled

  1. todo