1. Item Cards
    1. The form can consist of one or more items (entities), each in a "card"
    2. The card title can be provided
      1. by the backend in the header - in which case the form tries to translate it, and if it fails, just shows the value as is
      2. if not provided, it should default to a "Edit Item" text, which is also translated
    3. Each card title can be clicked to collapse the whole card or open it again
    4. Each card can have an enable / disable, if marked as such by the backend. This state is marked by a toggle switch in the card header
    5. Disabled cards are collapsed by default and can be opened. This only shows the card in disabled mode, and does not toggle active
  2. Intro Texts
    Each card can have an intro text (given by the metadata) which is shown on top.
    1. This is wysiwyg, so it can contain links etc.
    2. This text is sanitized, so script-tags etc. will be cleaned out