1. If no language is set / available, no language buttons are shown
  2. If 1 language is set / available, it shows that one language button
  3. If more languages are set / available, it shows all the buttons sorted A-Z according to the written label of the language button
  4. If more language buttons exist than we have room for, the list fades out, but a user can slide the buttons bar using his finger or mouse
  5. Labels
    1. The labels show the language name
    2. If multiple languages have the same code but different countries (like de-CH and de-DE) it also shows the language code beside it, so "German de-CH" and "German de-DE"
  6. Switching languages
    1. When a user switches to another language, that language-data is shown
    2. The labels of the fields may or may not change to that language (open for discussion)