1. The save button
    1. is shown in the bottom right corner of the form
    2. if the form is longer than available screen space, the button remains visible towards the bottom of the screen at a fixed distance from the browser edge
    3. upon loading it's larger, showing the label "save (ctrl+s)" and will shrink after a few seconds into a checkbox button.
    4. Mouseover the button does not expand it again
    5. When in a sub-dialog, the save button also visible, but behaves like the back button (so clicking check closes the sub-dialog)
  2. Ctrl + S saves and does not close the dialog
  3. Click on save saves and closes the dialog
  4. In both cases, if some fields are not valid yet (no matter what language)
    1. the button will look disabled
    2. click is possible but will not save and the faulty fields are marked
    3. ctrl+s is possible but will not save and faulty fields are marked
  5. If the faulty field is in another language, a toaster should mention this