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Progress September 2019

Progress Report

In September we did a lot of stabilization work finish the task management and simplifying how users switch between tasks and checklists. 

azing Task System

  1. Many UI enhancement and mobile optimizations
  2. News-stream on the dashboard, so we can tell you about things that changed or were enhanced
  3. Various smaller bugfixes

azing checklist Catalog

  1. All catalogs now have a members page, letting others apply to become members
  2. Print preview
  3. checklists and folders now have a sidebar for the description - better UX
  4. Copyright information added to ensure people know that public material is CC-BY 4.0

User Management

  1. Enhanced user management to allow personal/private accounts use it as well (limited to 10 members)
  2. Enhanced all catalogs so there is a members page, and people can apply to become a member
  3. Don't list members of professional catalogs (as it may be a corporate secret who works there)

User Menu

  1. Quick access to all catalogs of which you are member through the user-profile menu

General Stuff

  1. Issue / Wish reporting system in English and German