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"Our vision is a free, global catalog with millions of interlinked checklists- to let everyone change the world. Please join us in this vision."
Daniel Mettler, founder

Interlinked Knowledge for All

Open-source and Wikipedia has shown the world, that sharing really works. It also empowers everybody, rich or poor, to build upon existing knowledge and do amazing things.

Please become part of this vision by sharing your knowledge of getting things done right. 

Together we will create checklists for everything, like

  1. installing software
  2. writing a job application
  3. fertilizing a field
  4. cleaning a wound
  5. learning programming
  6. teaching programming
  7. build a well in the desert
  8. how to found a business in the USA or Tansania, organize taxes and get funding on KIVA

Please join us on this journey!

Free forever

To build this visionary system, azing will be free forever.
I, Daniel (the founder), personally vouch for this. 

Free for everything you create for the world, and also free for personal checklists which only you will see and use. 

To finance this, we will ask corporations who wish to use the same system internally (and not share their work) to pay a fee. This is how open-source works, and it will enable azing to operate and improve for everyone. 

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