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Progress July/August 2019: Task System

Another milestone reached: we have finally completed the task system. Here's a short overview of what we did this summer. 

azing Task System

  1. complete big MVP release of the task system
  2. multi-team capable - so if you are member of many teams (or your personal tasks + corporate taxes), this work
  3. manage tasks with dates and tags
  4. filter / search your tasks
  5. delegate to other people in the team
  6. receive / refuse tasks sent to you
  7. see tasks you have delegated to others
  8. admins can see tasks of the whole team
  9. attach existing checklists
  10. ...and way more 👍

The task system has been our primary focus for the last few months and we believe it's now ready for prime time. Test it, and give us feedback 👍.

azing Checklist Catalog

  1. save-as-task functionality
  2. improved search for checklists and folders
  3. improved editing and linking to other checklists