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Progress October 2019


  1. All pages now have enhanced print with QR-Code and link visible
  2. Sharing in facebook now looks good, because of open-graph headers
  3. Sharing in twitter now looks good, because of open-graph headers
  4. Copyright information now on every page and on print.
  5. Sidebar now also shows linking information, so you can see what checklists use the current checklist, and what checklists are used. 
  6. Sidebar now shows permissions for the checklist, simplifying administration

Task Management

  1. User search (for delegating)
    1. now only shows task-members
    2. search works on many fields like name, user-name etc.
  2. Links to child or parent tasks now open in new window
  3. Links to separated checklists (in own task) now open in new window

checklist / Task

  1. Firefox bugfixes - image lightbox fixed

User Menu / Login

  1. Minor bugfixes which caused JavaScript errors
  2. Better UX with titles showing if you are about to login or create an account