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Progress Report November 2019

November was bugfixing month and many small features.


  1. New Embed feature
  2. Sharing was further enhanced
  3. Checklist-Parts were introduced, to better structure checklists and make non-entry checklists less prominant in view and search
  4. Lots of bugfixing

Task Management

  1. Search and filter was dramatically enhanced
  2. UX enhancements on journal and notes
  3. Bugs fixed where sometimes check-states were not stored
  4. Sorting order in sub-tasks fixed
  5. Clicking on a tag in the list now filters by that tag
  6. Filters fixed for due-date filters
  7. Tasks delegated by someone who is not the owner now shows that in the journal
  8. prevent accidental close of task on mobile
  9. Add comments when delegating or closing a task, show these in the inbox
  10. Users without photos now show the initials instead of the default image
  11. Lots of bugfixing

Internal / Dev-Ops

  1. Lots of monitoring added (ca. 50 tests every minute) to automatically detect if something is broken
  2. Development and release process was completely redesigned for continuous integration and deployment