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Progress Report: June 2019

Progress Report

Here's an abbreviated version of what we released in June. Note that we're just listing new or changed functionality, and not listing the 100+ minor things we enhanced or fixed. 

Checklist Catalog

General & Search

  1. Catalog root is now a normal folder, letting you add a description and image as needed. 
  2. Rebuilt search in a much more intuitive way, so that we can then use the search component in other parts as well.
  3. Build a trash-system which takes all deleted folders and cehcklists . This makes deleting easier and also allows restoring things deleted by accident. 

Using Checklists

  1. Progress is now indicated in the circle beside the title
  2. Headings in the checklist can now be collapsed / opened with a click - and will also show the progress of all steps beneath it.
  3. When steps below a heading are completed, the section auto collapses so it's out of the way giving you a better overview of what's left to do.
  4. Snippets for code or text-templates now offer a copy button directly where the snippet is

Editing Templates

  1. Editing checklists now has a button to pick checklists (using the search). It also allows you to search in other catalogs, browse the folders and more.

Community Mode (New)

  1. Users can request that their catalog become changed to community mode (by mail)
  2. User Management is now available to community user admins - you can reach it from the profile-page
  3. Community admins can activate user groups to give them edit-permissions
  4. Community members are now listed on a page /profile/members so that people can see who's part of the community. The user names are filtered so e-mail addresses will not be visible.
  5. Non-members can request membership with a click of a button
  6. Requests can be accepted, denied etc. in the user administration

Professional / Business Mode

  1. The mode has been introduced and we have a few pilot users who will be testing it with us. It should become public beta around August and will then become the paid edition in 2020.
  2. Catalog owners can request it by e-mail as you currently can't switch it yourself
  3. Folder level permissions have been introduced. You can set permissions at the folder level to restrict viewing and editing.

User Management

  1. You can now specify that a group is meant for the catalog - which will let you activate it at root level (for community mode) or at a specific folder (for professional mode)

Task Management

The internal MVP has been released and is being tested internally at 2sic. It has hundreds of features, but we'll tell you more about this once it becomes public. We expect the public beta to start in August.