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Progress Report: May 2019

Progress Report

We are working a lot on azing and are continuously enhancing the functionality. Here's the abbreviated version of the main things we did in May.

Checklist Catalog

  1. Created Profile area (the one "above" Checklists)
  2. Created a Community-Mode
    1. Where many users contribute to the checklists and can be administrated by the community leaders.
    2. This has been activated on community catalogs like 2sxc, DNN-Community and others who request it.
    3. All checklists in community mode are always public since it's meant to work like wikipedia.
    4. The community mode is now clearly shown in the checklists and profile page
  3. Trash
    1. Delete now places things in the trash and doesn't fully delete.
    2. Since it's not really gone yet, you can now also delete (trash) things that still have sub-elements)
    3. Things in the trash are still accessible but not editable any more. They can be restored or fully deleted.
    4. Full delete (once it's in the trash) still requires you to confirm twice, as it's really gone then
  4. Checklist Editor - UI is enhanced (customized) and more optimized for checklist editing
  5. Move-dialog: Checklists can now be moved to other folders and also below another checklist
  6. 100+ minor issues / enhancements

User Management (Beta)

The user management isn't publicly available yet, but it's a crucial part of the system to distribute permissions.

  1. Ability to create groups which can admin users - this is important for Community Mode

Task Management (Beta)

This is our main focus in May / June - to release the task management. As of today, we should be able to release an internal MVP in a week.