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Progress Report December 2019

In December we prioritized Embedding and SEO.


  1. Embed enhanced to also allow auto-resize of embedded iframe
  2. Google indexing was enhanced for SEO - Google now crawls all public catalogs and checklists
  3. Any checklist step can now have additional information which is hidden at first. This is anything that is after a shift+enter (new-line). It's shows as an ellipsis ...
  4. A CDN (content-delivery-network) was created on cdn.azing.org for static resources like embed-scripts


  1. Task work-on dates now also have Backlog and Always, to better organize yourself
  2. Due date now shown separately to be more prominent
  3. Delegate now shows warning if on any other date than today
  4. Sub-checklists which have been separated into own tasks now show their progress-% in the parent checklist
  5. Date-picker was completely replaced and refactored for mobile use and better UX
  6. Important bug fixed, where typing always had a delay
  7. Journal issues fixed with very long journal entries
  8. Lots of small bugs fixed

Internal and DevOps

  1. Release cycle changed to weekly for better continous integration