1. call principal one week earlier and find a date to meet 3 days before start
    1. ask principal for their internet solution
      1. do they have smartphones
      2. discuss how we will give them the internet data
        note: we don't give money directly - we only transfer money to SIM cards


  1. login to "manage" section and see what you have to print for Classroom Week 1
  2. login data
  3. certificate
  4. teaching plans for Classroom Week 1
  5. Posters Be Quiet, Listen to Teacher, Be Nice in color 
  6. take blank sheets of paper along (for half the amount of children)
  7. put everything in the folder

To do

  1. write the name of the school on both folders
    use permanent marker
    1. KOLMA easy Fächermappe Rainbow
  2. put prints above in one folder 
    The other folder stays empty
  3. access on with the school login
    1. see if it works
    2. read everything they have to do in this week
    3. watch the video

      the goal is to know everything well to answer their questions!
  4. access with your username and password, that you see this list
    On the meeting date you should be able to work with this list

On the meeting date

Get all the teachers and daycare owner together.

  1. Tell them, you are going to explain for 20min.
  2. explain the first 12 weeks:
    1. First you will do a two week Classroom Management program, that will help you introduce certain rules in the classroom.
      They will start from Monday the following week.
      1. during Classroom management, you will visit and coach teachers twice a week
      2. they don't need to send videos!
    2. After that, you will do the official Onboarding-Process for 10 weeks. This process will help teachers get familiar with all of the Swiss School System basics.
      1. during those 10 weeks, you visit and coach the teachers once a week.
      2. teachers need to send videos of all their SSS activitites in the Whatsapp chat
    3. They will get supplies (lessons and material) used for every week
    4. Tell teachers how important it is to all the activities and and follow the plans exactly. After a while, they will be able to understand all lessons without help.
  1. Show the video What is Swiss School System to everyone on your computer
  2. answer questions
  3. we give internet only for the use of accessing our website and watching the videos and sending the videos. No personal use!
  4. Show how to login.
    1. give login information sheet
    2. show how to login to
    3. put login document on the office wall.
    4. give an overview of the lessons from next week
  5. give certificate
    take a picture of teachers holding the certificate and one with you together with them
  6. ask principal for Logo
    if there is no logo available, take a picture of a wall with the written name of the school on it. 

Send to Country Manager

  1. pictures of handing over the certificate
  2. logo of daycare