During the two weeks of Classroom Management, we visit daycares twice to build trust.


  1. study Classroom Week 2 by yourself

First Visit of Daycare (Mo-Mi)

  1. coach Classroom Management Week 2 A


  1. Prepare material at the office

Second Visit of Daycare (Mi-Fr)

  1. Visit daycare in the end of the week
    1. coach Classroom Management Week 2 B
    2. Did they do everything well? Can they proceed?
      1. yes: deliver material for Onboarding Week 1
      2. no: let them repeat

Explain (if they can proceed)

  1. Starting from next week, daycares have to send a picture/video of every activity to the whats app chat. 
    1. send until Friday afternoon
      If they are doing well, give them the material for next week.
  2. on Saturday: switch to next week if daycare did all the rule activities well.
  3. next week (Onboarding Week 1) they will receive the official certificate of partnership