1. Study Onboarding Week 7 by yourself
  2. prepare material for Onboarding Week 8
  3. ✴️You will bring the Material Kit along!.
    1. Discuss with the Country Manager, how to pack it and ask for the List of Contents.
  4. make sure, you have the material for the next 5 weeks (end of Onboarding). Go shopping if necessary

Visit daycare

  1. coach Onboarding Week 7
  2. deliver material for week 8
  3. explain teacher what is inside the material kit and how to use it.
    Point out to watch the video (or watch it with the teacher).
    Make sure, teachers store the Material Kit in a safe place


  1. on Saturday, review all the videos in the chat
  2. check the boxes in the "manage section" ☑️ of and save.
    The button will look green.
  3. switch to next week with the ➡️ button.