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Progress Report 2020 Q3

For Q3 we are working on major improvements which you'll love. Our priorities for Q3 are:

Major Search Enhancements

The current task search uses a SQL search in the background. We're working hard to get a new search out using Elastic Search which should be much faster and fun. Since search is such a core part of work, we believe this will be another game changer. 

Features Documentation and Help

As of now many things azing does are still hard to discover. We're working hard on creating nice documentation for everybody so that you can fully use the power of this amazing tool. 

Big Checklist Improvements

We love checklists, so we're never happy with the existing feature set. In Q3 we'll release many enhancements like

  1. adding lists which are informational only (no ticking the boxes)
  2. better progress indicators as you work
  3. Linking checklists which shouldn't open as sub-checklists, but open as a new task

Improvements in Organizing Yourself

  1. You'll be able to assign your own colors to team tags 
  2. ...and custom icons to each tag
  3. We'll introduce Projects, so that tasks can be grouped by project

Enjoy the summer - and stay safe!