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Progress Report 2020 Q1

Cloning checklists, Team-Tags and more...


Global Checklist Catalog

We created a global search using Google, which shows all public checklist. This is great when you just want to discover what already exists and what other people have created. 

Major Performance Improvements

We've reworked a lot of parts in the core system for faster user experience. 

Ongoing Bugfixing

Lots of minor bugs related to quick-search, cloning checklist and UI-Bugs in task management. One of the biggest enhancements was how we save changes to checkboxes. This is now immediate and super-fast. 



  1. Checklists / checklists can now be cloned in your catalog or to another catalog!
  2. Show help information if a user has an old browser like IE11
  3. Bugfixes in show/hide of step details
  4. Blockquote now works great in checklists
  5. Copy/pasting multi-line templates works better now - before spaces were sometimes replaced with non-breaking-spaces
  6. Fixed some permission checks which prevented users from moving checklists or changing the type to information/template

Task Management

  1. Improve UX for creating new tasks
  2. Fix bugs around keyboard shortcuts (Alt-Key behaves differently in different cultures)
  3. Performance enhancements on the UX - there was a lag because of the keyboard shortcuts
  4. Delegated child-tasks are now visible again, even if they have not been accepted yet


  1. Tags can now be categorized for use in the catalog and/or in task management
  2. Users can now assign Team-Tags or personal tags to a task