For folder C:\inetpub\ we need to add Allow Modify security permission to application pool identity user IIS APPPOOL\

  1. In IIS Manager, on the left side, under Sites, ensure that site is selected and than click on Edit permissions... on the right side to open folder properties.
  2. Open Security tab and click on [Edit...] to open Permissions for dialog.
  3. Click on [Add...] to open Select Users or Groups dialog.
  4. Click on [Locations...] and select your local computer.
  5. Enter the object name: IIS APPPOOL\ and click on [Check Names] to ensure that right application pool identity user is in text area, and than click on [Add].
  6. Previus dialog is closed and user is selected. In Permissions for table, under Allow column, in Modify row, check the check box and click [OK]. Dialog is closed.
  7. Again click [OK] to close last dialog.