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Progress Report 2020 Q2

Progress Report

Q2 this year was dedicated to technological upgrades in preparation for the next big thing 😊

Chat System

  1. All checklists in the catalog now have a simple chat where you can leave comments, thank the author or suggest improvements.
  2. The chat looks and works like WhatsApp - simple, quick

Big Upgrade to Angular and Performance

  1. We upgraded the entire code base to the latest version of Angular
  2. We now use new features like lazy loading to get a much better performance
  3. These improvements affect everything incl. the Catalog, Search, Checklists and Task Management

Big Upgrade to Checklist-Editing Experience

The checklist editing was dramatically improved with new technology. It's now much faster and while you're editing it already looks almost like the final checklist. This should help people really see what they are creating. 

Lots of Bugfixing

As always, we're continuously fixing bugs as they pop up. Thanks for the feedback and support to all who reported issues!

Love from Switzerland,