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Easter Bunny brings first Public Preview of azing

Easter Bunny brings first Public Preview of azing

about azing

"A dream has come true: azing is going into public preview!"
Daniel Mettler, founder of azing

This is one of the most important milestones of my life: azing is going into the first public testing phase. Let me explain what this means and what vision we're persuing. 

azing - in Development Since 1990 

The foundation of azing started in 1990, when I tought myself to program on the bible translation PC of my parents. A lot of time has passed since them, but I've learned and grown - and kept on persuing the ultimate vision: to create the first team operating system for the world. 

If you would like to know more about my past in the jungle and how the vision came about, you can read about it in this blog.

First Preview on Easter 2019

On Easter 2019 azing will first allow some pilot users to work with the stable preview version. It contains:

  1. The checklist system, to create and publish digital checklists, e-forms and more.
  2. A checklist catalog, to manage hundreds of your own checklists.
  3. Various demos showing what you can do. Our initial demo shows how to document various tasks around photography. Unfortunately for English users it's currently only available in German.

In this preview version you can already create checklists (super checklists) with checkboxes, links, images and e-forms. You can also interlink the checklists to build a network of instructions. And your checklists can be private (for yourself) or public, bringing us closer to the vision of a global wikipedia of checklists. 

Second Preview in May 2019

These checklists help you structure you work wiht instructions, optimize your processes and ensure quality. End of May it's going to become really cool, when we activate the task system. This will change everything - so you can really get things done.

Thanks to...

I would like to shout out a huge thanks to:

  1. Christoph and Tonci - your code and solutions are just awesome, and getting better every day!
  2. Simone and Tom - you made the cool logo and design - I love it!
  3. Peter - you're our hardcore user and have already implemented super-complex processes, pushing the limits. Thanks for all the constructive feedbacks!
  4. The entire 2sic team - you have worked with pre-versions for many years and sometimes really suffered for that. Thanks for your patience and help. Your dogfooding helped us learn so much and make azing better!
  5. Tanja - you've backed me for years supported me throughout all of this to persue this vision!

Have Fun

It's your turn now. Sign in and try azing for yourself. And please: publish checklists for everyone. 

Best wishes from the Rhein valley,