Updating 2sxc is very straightforward and in 99% of all cases it's 3 steps:

  1. Download the version from the releases on github how
    If you're a normal user, you will probably want to stick with most tested/stable LTS versions. If you need some of the latest features, use the latest stable version. 
  2. Install the extension to install 2sxc - this will update it
  3. When done - await restart of DNN and you're all set. 

Special Situations

You probably don't need this, but we're listing these so it's easier to fix things in case something goes wrong. 

  1. If you run into issues, first check all known breaking changes in the blog
  2. If only a specific app breaks, ask the person who made it. If it's an app from us (2sic), check the github repos for infos.