Note: This usually works across long ranges of versions since we usually don't touch the DB on upgrades. Last time we changed the DB was in version 8.11. So dowgrading past that can cause issues we cannot anticipate, please don't try that :). 

Before you start, make sure a downgrade is possible

  1. Check the version history to verify that the version you want to undo don't have DB changes.

To rollback an unfortunate upgrade, just do this:

  1. In DNN go to the Extensions and set the version of "Content" and "App" down to a version before the version you want to go back to.
    Example: If you upgraded to 15.07 and want to ge back to 15.06, set the version to 15.05
  2. In rare cases 2sxc also includes updates of Connect.Koi and RazorBlade. In case the up-downgrade fails during the installation of these modules, just downgrade their version manually before the upgrade as well. 
  3. Then install the 2sxc module of the version you want it to be, just like a normal upgrade.