Some templates have a list functionality, allowing you to add many content items. Some example of such a cases are

  • a list of employees - where each employee is a single content-item
  • a list of frequently asked questions - where each QA-set is a content-item
  • a list of icon-tiles - where each tile is another

Whenever a view/template supports lists, then the toolbars buttons for

  1. adding / adding demo-item
  2. move an item up/down in a list
  3. list management (to drag-drop re-order of items)

Things You May Want To Do With Lists

  1. Add a list to a page
  2. Add a new item, a demo item or an existing item to the list
  3. Remove an item
  4. Move on item up or down, or reorder them manually
  5. Change the intro text or list-settings on a list (todo)