OLD, do not use

The dev environment relies on an environment variable called

  1. Dev2sxcDnnRoot 
  2. Dev2sxcAssets
  3. Dev2sxcOqtaneRoot

These values are used by all the build tools to place compiled files. Go to your environment variables and configure it there:


CLI alternative:

setx Dev2sxcAssets "C:\Projects\2sxc\2sxc-sources\_latest"
setx Dev2sxcDnnRoot "C:\Projects\2sxc\2sxc-dnn961\Website"
setx Dev2sxcOqtaneRoot "C:\Projects\2sxc\Oqtane\oqtane.framework\Oqtane.Server"

Important: you must restart visual studio after setting these variables (otherwise it won't pick them up).