[[DNN RC Version to Test]]

[[2sxc Version to Test]]

Run Tests

  1. install the RC from Github
    1. you can use nvquicksite to install a new dnn version
  2. install the correct 2sxc from github (more details here if needed)
  3. install the BS5 Skin
  4. install the default content templates
  5. install all Apps
  6. run basic functionality tests
    1. run basic tests with default content templates
    2. run basic tests with the basic QR Code app
    3. run basic tests with the blog-app (as this is fairly advanced)
    4. run basic tests with in-page toolbar
  7. Test Multilanguage
    1. Add second language
      1. Site Settings
      2. Languages
        1. Add new Language
        2. Activate Language
    2. Go to Manage Apps
      1. Switch to Languages
      2. Activate all languages
    3. Editing Modules show now show activated languages
    4. Check different content in different langauges
  8. run basic import/export tests App ML
    1. export the qr-code app, delete it, and re-import + validate it still works
    2. do the same for the blog-app 
  9. Check different toolbar in App
    1. FAQ for example has Contentitems in Toolbar
  10. Check Inner Content
    1. Add Accordion App
    2. Initialize the App
    3. Add Inner Content to the expanded Elements