If you have an app containing settings which you want to transfer to another, you must transfer the schema and the data, and then do some clean-up.

  1. Go to the Source and use the Export-Type-And-Items to export the type and the one single item of type App-Settings in the scope 2SexyContent-AppApp-Settings schema and item
  2. Go to the Target and import the resulting xml file with schema and data
  3. Note that you now have an inconsistent situation - your app now has 2 settings-items (the previous one and the one you just imported). So if you try to edit settings, you'll see an error in the F12 Console like this: too many app-settings
  4. To fix this, go to data section and switch to the scope 2SexyContent-App
  5. Here you will now find 2 settings items. Delete the wrong one (it's usually the first one) App-Settings with two itemsdelete wrong app-settings

After doing this, you should be able to edit App-Settings again.