Install on DNN / 2sxc

  1. Get the latest release from 2sic (it's not a public app)
  2. Install like a normal 2sxc app
  3. Go to the app-settings and configure that it's hidden
    This app has no functionality on the page, so we don't want users to add it

Activate the Icons

Likely script tag:

<script src="/Portals/0/2sxc/iconfont-turbo/dist/svg-icons.min.js" data-auto-a11y="true" data-auto-fetch-svg="" data-fetch-svg-from="/Portals/0/2sxc/iconfont-turbo/dist/svg"></script>
  1. Theme
    1. Change the theme to use the new path - you may need to adjust it a bit
    2. Test and verify that theme-icons work
  2. Content-Default
    1. For the latest templates, change the script-tag in the app-settings
    2. For older templates, change it in the cshtml file which loads the font-icons
    3. Verify that icons in link-lists work
  3. Finalize
    1. Verify that no other app is still importing the old icon sets (css, woff, etc.)

Optimize Icon Pickers

The IconFont-Turbo has all the free font-awesome icons and the brands icons together. So fas fa-twitter will work, even though it would normally require fab fa-twitter. Because of this, we can enhance the icon-picker to provide brands and normal icons in the dropdown. To do this, do