This assumes that you already have git installed on your pc and that you kind of have an idea what git is :)

  1. In your file explorer, go to /Portals/_default/ (shared) or /Portals/[your-portal-id] (this portal only), then shift-right-click on the Skins folder and choose Open Command Window Here. You should now have a command-line on that folder.
  2. Run this command (and rename `InstantB4` to whatever you want): git clone "InstantB4"
  3. Now apply the theme to your site or just apply to one page - it should then look a bit like this: Initial Installation of 4.10
This will get the latest copy of this skin/theme and place it in the right folder. You can now use it in any layout you want.

Install Webpack and Start Customizing

  1. Now you have to do some preparations before customizing your theme
  2. When the preparations are done you can start to customize your theme