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These are the steps required to prepare for recoring the DNN Hangout.  This should begin immediately prior to 

  1. Connect to a hard-wired internet connection (no wifi).
  2. Reboot the computer.
  3. Reduce any potential background noises
    1. Mute phones.
    2. Close windows.
    3. Close doors.
    4. Other things to account for include: fans, nearby computers, animals, etc.
  4. Close/stop any synchronization services (e.g., Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.).
  5. Close/mute any notification apps (e.g., Slack, Skype, Outlook, etc.).
  6. Open interview notes in OneNote.
  7. If presenting any websites/pages, open a Guest window in Google Chrome.
    1. Log into any websites that require it.
  8. Open Camtasia and ensure it will record fullscreen.
  9. Connect to and go to fullscreen.
  10. Arrange the speaker bubbles in
  11. Check audio and video with all guests. 
    1. Guests shall not be using the web browser version of
    2. Guests shall not be running/connecting using Windows inside of Mac.
    3. Everyone should be able to be clearly seen and heard by all others. 
    4. No one should hear an echo from themselves.  (Sometimes, takes a few moments of sound/talking to know how to regulate the audio level when it's on the default auto-level setting.)
    5. All backgrounds should be reviewed for anything that may not need to be in view.
  12. Start the recording in (for audio).
  13. Start the recording in Camtasia (for video).
  14. Make a loud noise to synchronize the video and audio later.
  15. Begin the interview.

During the Interview

  • Talk slowly (more slowly than usual).
  • Include and embrace pauses.
  • Avoid talking over each other.
  • Look into the camera as much as possible.
  • Include a relaxed smile as much as possible. 
  • Help all guests contribute comments and perspectives whenever possible.
  • Help the guest(s) promote their interests as much as possible.