A field configuration type is a Content-Type used to configure a field. For example, when you configure a number field it has a min/max value. The Content-Type describing this is and showing help text etc. is called @number-default

You must name the type correctly, so that it will be automatically used for configuring the field. The name should look like this: @type-input-name Here are the conventions:

  1. The name must begin with an @ character
  2. Type must be a lower-case word of the known data types
  3. Anything after that is up to you, but it must match the input-field name (so the same as the extension folder, just without the field- prefix. 
    We recommend that you include a company name or something (see naming convention of input field folders)

We urgently recommend that you place these content-types in the scope System Fields. As of now it's not required, but it may be in future. image