[[LTS Version value=12.xx]]

Responsible: Daniel Mettler


  1. Confirm: This version of 2sxc has already been released previously as an RC and no more critical errors have come up. Please note that the final release must be identical with the last RC.
  2. Confirm: This is NOT a brand new version / build as a new LTS, but an existing previously released edition.
  3. Confirm: This LTS ran the full tests inside 2sic
  4. Confirm: This LTS RC has been out for at least 3 days (better one week) without any new critical errors reported
  5. Confirm: the normal release process with placing code in the master from dev (git-flow) has already run - otherwise, run that

Tag All Repos with this Version

  • Go through each repo and branch it with the name, or tag it with the version, for example "lts/12.06".

Release the Download

  1. You must be really, really sure that the zip is identical with the last RC.
    1. So do not rebuild it in Visual Studio, but download the latest release and re-upload it.
    2. Be sure that it doesn't have a strange name like ....(1).zip just because you may already have a same-named file in your downloads
  2. In the release notes, put all the updates since the last sub-release (not since the last LTS), combining all the RC-notes previously


  1. Update link in 2sxc.org/download
  2. Write blog post on 2sxc.org
  3. Share blog on facebook in the dnn-connect group
  4. Republish blog post on DNN Corp community blog

Publish in Store

  1. Copy the previous release in the store, add this download, update versions etc.

Clean up Github Project / Milestone

  1. Set the name of the project that led to the LTS to end with the version it made
  2. Close that project
  3. Create a new project for the next releases
  4. Ensure that all things in that project are also in the milestone for that release
    you can find them by searching for the project number like "is:issue is:closed project:2sic/2sxc/[number]"
  5. Close that milestone