1. Make sure you're using Oqtane 3.1.1 or higher, newest and greatest preferred.
  2. Make sure you have a host login

Choose Preferred Upgrade Path

Option 1: Simple upgrade 2sxc module using Module Management

  1. As host user open Admin Dashboard / Module Management
  2. If there is new version of 2sxc module you can see green [Upgrade] button near the App module. Click on [Upgrade] button.
  3. After module is installed, we need to restart Oqtane.
  4. After restart, login in as host and check in Admin Dashboard / Module Management that new version of 2sxc module is installed.

Option 2: Manual update 2sxc Oqtane module

  1. Download the latest version ToSic.Sxc.N.N.N.nupkg from the releases on 2sxc github based on this compatibility list
  2. Copy ToSic.Sxc.N.N.N.nupkg to your Oqtane.Server/wwwroot/Modules folder
  3. When done - restart Oqtane and you're all set.
    For restart you can click on Restart Application in Admin Dashboard / System Info.