Each template is a kind of block. Blocks can have headings, subheadings, a copy or a CTA.
Blocks have presentation settings such as a background image/color or the behavior of fonts.

The blocks themselves contain the content. The content varies depending on the template.

Insert new element/block


  1. Add App module in ContentPane
  2. Select Landing Page Build
  3. Select view

Block (green editbar)

Block contents are always above the template content. Set a block title, microtitle or a CTA above the content itself. You can select between different background types and adjust the font corresponding to it. These settings are optional.

  • Backgroundcolor (set a predefined backgroundcolor)
  • Background Image Effects (sets dark / bright transparent overlay)
  • Text optimization (sets dark / bright font color)



Content Types (blue editbar)

Some templates has the same content ui. Which contents are displayed depends on the template. Here is a summary of the different templates and their contents.


_Cover - image right_Cover - image left_Cover - text only

  1. Microtitle
  2. Title
  3. Body
  4. Media (not in text only)
  5. CTA
  6. Inner content (not in text only)


_Benefits - image right_Benefits - image left_Benefits - panorama_Benefits - text only

  1. Microtitle
  2. Title
  3. Body
  4. Media (in panorama image only)
  5. CTA
  6. Inner content (not in panorama)


_Testimonial - brands_Testimonial - person

  1. Name
  2. Body (not in brands)
  3. Image

Call To Action

_Cta - only

  1. Title
  2. Body
  3. CTA

CTA Concept

Create a CTA and reuse it on different places. The default is an anchor to the form.