1. Make sure you have completed the steps of the PodCast App - Get started
  2. Click on the RSS Button in the channel header
  3. Copy the link of the site that opened
  4. Go to https://podcasters.spotify.com/submit
  5. Login with your Spotify account
  6. Press the "GET STARTED" button
  7. Paste the link you coppied into the "Link to RSS feed" field
  8. Press the "NEXT" button
  9. Verify that you are the podcast owner by clicking the "SEND CODE" button and copying the code from the email into the "Verification code" filed. Afterwards click the "NEXT" button
  10. Fill in the information on the next page and click on "NEXT" when you are done.
    1. Take "Other / I don't know" for the "Who is your hosting provider?" field
  11. Check if the information are correct and click "SUBMIT"
  12. After a few hours your podcast should be accessible. If you want to test it you can go to https://open.spotify.com and search there for your channel title.

And there it is... Spotify Podcast