This guide will help you to create a new 2sxc app with Angular 6+. It assumes you have already used 2sxc and know how to add apps, views and content types. If this is not the case, please start with the guide to create your own app. Before you start, make sure you have installed 2sxc 9+. The guide was tested with Angular CLI 6.1.4; the files may differ for later versions.

Instead of following this guide you can download the prepared 2sxc sample app here:


  1. Create an empty 2sxc app
  2. Create an angular app within that using the CLI: ng new [app-name] --directory ./
  3. (Change the build to keep the file names the same all the time) (todo: not needed with new .cshtml)
  4. Create the view which will host it as a component in dnn/2sxc (todo: change to use new .cshtml template)
  5. Add dnn-sxc-angular and make the app aware of it

If you run into issues, check troubleshooting or post questions on stack-overflow with the tags dnn, 2sxc, angular.

Optional Steps

  1. Try to access some data
  2. Setup to work with ng serve