1. Get all the Logos
  2. Check the schools on school-sys and organize missing fotos, classes, and more
  3. find new daycares
  4. get in contact/visit Mto Wa Mbo
    ask them if they are really organizing the transport
  5. Ask Janet (from Kutamani) if she might be interested of working with us in the future (part time)
  6. Make photos of all the sim cards of delivered phones and send them to Tanja
  7. scans of 2 signed contracts (house, credit) 
  8. get in touch with colleges for daycare teachers
    maybe ask Francis for help
  9. get gummi twists
  10. Find special Backpack for Calvin
    Go ask people from food delivery service
  11. Translate Education Site (Daniel will contact you)
  12. set up new phones