Onboarding a New Teacher

This Document describes, what to do, when a daycare is already onboarded, but the teacher is new.

When you meet the new teacher at a daycare

  1. ask him/the daycare owner, if the new teacher is a fully employed person or only a substitute (for us, it doesn't make sense to coach a person, if he/she only works for a short time). If you are unsure, ask your Country Manager.
  2. tell daycare owner and teacher, that you have to introduce this teacher to our system.

Week 1

  1. explain the teacher, who you are, that this daycare is working with Swiss School System. You will help him/her to adapt well to the program and coach him/her for the next three weeks.
  2. give the children some toys or wooden blocks to play, that you can speak with the teacher
  3. Show the teacher the video "What is Swiss School System"
  4. Show him/her how to log in, use the platform and how to read the Unit Scripts 
  5. Explain the current state of the daycare, on which subject they are working and go through the week.
  6. Explain how to open digital assets
  7. help the teacher to understand, what he/she has to do in the current week.
    Let him/her try the activities with you
  8. Show how to make groups and how to use the Material Kit
    1. explain the purpose of making groups
    2. explain how to use the Material Kit properly (taking good care!)
  9. explain, that the teacher has to send videos in the whtsapp-chat
  10. ask the teacher for his/her number and add the number to the Whatsapp group

Week 2

  1. Ask the teacher, how his/her work was
  2. give feedback
    What was good? What can the teacher do better? How can you help?
  3. explain about the importance of preparing well before executing the lessons
  4. explain about the Classroom Management Posters.
    1. Are they hanging on the wall?
    2. Explain what they mean. Green rules, red rules
    3. Explain the rule, "listen to the teacher" and how the teacher can enforce the children's attention by using the pan lid/bell (depends on the country)
    4. explain the importance of always sticking to those rules, children know them well.
  5. Have a look at the current lessons
    1. log in to the current week and explain the lessons
    2. answer questions
  6. remind teacher, to put videos in the chat

Week 3

  1. Ask the teacher, how the week was
  2. give feedback, about the lessons
  3. practice group making with the teacher
    1. pick the current week. Where does the teacher need to make groups?
    2. show the teacher, how to make groups
      1. first, use the pan lid/bell to have children's attention. 
      2. divide kids in three groups
      3. distribute colored clips
      4. explain, that two groups have to work with the Material Kit and one group works with you
    3. Collect all the children again. Let teacher try the same scenario.
    4. execute one lesson with the teacher together. Give him/her tips and help 
    5. Tell teacher, that this was your last visit. If he/she needs more help, you can visit another time or agree on a call.