Pre-Checks and Specs

[[Version to release]]

Make sure you're not releasing an LTS - for that, use this recipe


  1. Review the project on github for this release, make sure everything is in order
  2. Check if any minor tasks are still pending, which could quickly be included

Build & Test

  1. Make sure you have the latest 2sxc and eav-server on your system, and update the version numbers everywhere to the current version
  2. Go through all the JavaScript projects and verify that
    1. all have the current version number in package.json
    2. all have been built using the release mode (which create special source-maps to host externally)
  3. Run a production build
  4. Push the and test it
  5. Test it on a plain-vanilla DNN
  6. Test it on a DNN which had a previous, recent version of 2sxc installed

Release in Github

  1. Go through all 2sxc and eav-projects that changed, and merge develop into master (or run the git-flow for the same) to release 
    1. eav-server - compare dev/master
    2. eav-ui - compare dev/master
    3. 2sxc-ui - compare dev/master
    4. 2sxc - compare dev/master
    5. angular 7 Edit UI - compare dev/master
  2. When you did all incl. the 2sxc, upload the release-package there, with reference to all what was done


  1. Write blog post on
  2. Share blog on facebook in the dnn-connect group
  3. Republish blog post on DNN Corp community blog